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2010-07-04 23:52:01 by LauraFedora

Just a note that I haven't abandoned the project. I just need to replace our Narrator, who has sort of fallen out of the project.

Episode Three Released

2010-01-03 21:11:46 by LauraFedora

Finally finished and released Episode Three of the ongoing Zodiac Sailor Soldiers series. I do apologize that it isn't as polished as it should be--as previously stated, I haven't had as much time lately. But I still think you'll enjoy the story and the characters. Part Three will be posted tomorrow.

Episode Four won't be released until late February/early March.

As always, I invite you to join the series website:

Long Absence

2009-12-05 21:16:54 by LauraFedora

It's been a long time, and I'm sorry for that, but I assure you that this project is not abandoned. I hope to have Episode 3 out January at the latest. I've had a number of technical issues and real-life commitments that have been usurping my time and resources.

Episode Two Completed

2009-05-21 18:10:59 by LauraFedora

Unfortunately, it will only let me upload the first two parts. Part three will have to be uploaded tomorrow.

Zodiac Sailor Soldiers Episode One Released!

2009-05-07 13:01:32 by LauraFedora

It's finally gone through all the first-track reviewing, and it's all up for your listening enjoyment--in three parts. Part One: /234445

Episode Two is in the works, and should be completed by the end of the month.

Episode One of my radioplay series will be aired Thursday, April 30th @ 10:00 CST. If you want to join a chat with the cast while we watch the premier, join, where the chat will take place.

Just announcing that I'll be posting all the episodes for my radioplay here as they're made. "Zodiac Sailor Soldiers" is adapted from a Sailor Moon fanfic I'm writing called "The American Sailor Soldier", which can be viewed at It's a new plot with completely new sailor soldiers, and it all takes place in New York City, USA.

The website for this project is:
You can chat with the crew and receive updates about the fanfic and the radioplay there.

Episode One: Fallen Star should be up in a couple of weeks.